Discover How Professional Women Over 30
Are Experiencing More Love, More Confidence, 
And More Joy

My personalized coaching sessions are designed to help you achieve your goals faster and more effectively. Whether in a group format or 1:1 we will create a customized coaching plan in parallel with material provided that is tailored to your specific needs and goals. With my coaching services, you can unlock your full potential and achieve your dreams.
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The benefits of guided coaching

Get 1:1  or group guidance from Dr. Kat

My customized coaching sessions provide experienced guidance from myself who has been providing an step by step way toward emotional freedom and joy, understanding your objectives and challenges, and keeping you motivated and accountable.

Customize your plan to fit your needs and goals.

Create a personalized plan that suits your specific needs and objectives. This guarantees that your coaching sessions concentrate on the most important areas to you, enabling you to strive towards the outcomes that matter most to you.

Identify obstacles that are holding you back

Working with your coach will help you identify the obstacles that are blocking your success and devise a plan to conquer these hurdles can set you on the path to realizing your goals.

Build your confidence and belief in yourself

Supported coaching boosts confidence by highlighting strengths and successes. It also creates strategies to overcome challenges, resulting in a stronger self-belief. In a group format this also occurs though the feel is more connection based and you can bounce ideas of others who are also growing alongside you. 
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How my supported coaching
sessions work

  • Schedule your coaching session at a time that works for you.
  • Consult with me for guidance throughout the process.
  • Develop a customized plan in conjunction with my 12 week program to help you achieve your goals (group format). 
  • Take action and track your progress towards success.

What to expect in your first coaching session

- 01

Introduction and

In your first coaching session, I will introduce myself and get to know you to ensure you have needed support throughout the coaching process. I will also work with you to identify your goals and aspirations, and to create a plan for achieving them.
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Discuss challenges & obstacles

You will be motivated to talk about any obstacles or challenges impeding your goal attainment. By attentively listening, you will be offered guidance and support to help you overcome those challenges.
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Creation of an action plan

Based on your goals and the challenges you are facing, we will help you create an action plan for moving forward. This plan will include specific steps you can take to overcome obstacles and make progress towards achieving your goals.
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Ongoing support for 12 weeks (groups), or 3 to 6 months (individual)

We will also discuss the ongoing support and resources that will be available to you throughout the coaching process. This may include access to additional tools and resources, ongoing check-ins, and support from the coach between sessions.

It's Time to Start Loving Who You Truly Are  

It’s time to stop waiting to live the life you want.

Generational patterns of survival based living and emotional blocks to your greatness can be painful. But these unexplainable, cyclical experiences don’t need to keep dragging you down.

Dr. Williams has learned through her own hardships and supporting many others, that no one is condemned to live a life of negativity.

But, it takes action to start creating and start living the life you want.

Dr. Katrina Williams

Life Purpose Coach
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